‘I hope this is my last marriage’: Malaysian great-grandmother, 62, marries 28-year-old man

Housewife Madam Rokiah, 62, tied the knot with Mr Mohammad Amin Jundail, 28, after knowing him for about a year. PHOTO: ROKIAH BINTI SAMAT/TIKTOK

Age is certainly just a number for Malaysian great-grandmother Rokiah Samat who married a man 34 years her junior in 2022.

Housewife Madam Rokiah, 62, decided to tie the knot with Mr Mohammad Amin Jundail, 28, after knowing him for about a year.

“Even though he is much younger, I am confident that my husband will be able to take care of me until the end of my life, and I hope this is my last marriage,” Malay daily Harian Metro quoted Madam Rokiah as saying.

A TikTok video of their unconventional union went viral, racking up 2.4 million views after it was posted four days ago.

Mr Amin, who is a masseur and sells beauty products, said he first messaged Madam Rokiah on October 2021 after coming across her TikTok account.

He had initially wanted to be just friends with her but, over time, he realised that he had feelings for Madam Rokiah, who has 10 children, 22 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

So he decided to travel from his hometown of Semporna in eastern Sabah to meet her. Madam Rokiah lives in the Pasir Puteh district of the east coast state of Kelantan.

“I arrived in Peninsula Malaysia on December 2021 but I got a job as a masseur in Johor. A month later, I finally met her on my birthday, which was on Jan 10 last year, at her house,” Mr Amin told Malay portal mStar Online.

They got engaged on June 6, 2022, and tied the knot three months later, on Sept 9.

Madam Rokiah said she decided to accept Mr Amin as her life partner, as they are compatible and he gets along with her children.

“I do not like to live with my children, I am more comfortable living on my own. But at the same time, I need a life partner, and that is why I remarried.

“After all, this is God’s provision. For me, what is more important is not the age but getting an honest and sincere husband,” she said.

Madam Rokiah had been married twice before.

Her first marriage was in 1977 and lasted for 40 years before the couple went their separate ways six years ago.

Her second marriage was to a Myanmar national in 2018 and lasted only two years.

“I had to get a divorce. I couldn’t cope with a long-distance relationship with my former husband, who was then working in China,” she said.

Despite their vast age difference, Mr Amin and Madam Rokiah were thankful that their families accepted their union, with Mr Amin saying that God had destined him to marry Madam Rokiah.

They also share the same hobbies, as they both enjoy fishing and gardening.

“She completes me. I am thankful I have a wife who is caring and perfect in my eyes in every way. My wife is also a good cook, I love her fishhead curry,” said Mr Amin.

After viewing their TikTok video where the couple shared their birth dates and the dates they met and got married, netizens sent their best wishes, with many commenting on the vast age gap.

“This is like a mother and child or even grandchild... Whatever, it is a match from Allah, congratulations,” said a commenter with the handle umi.

Some commenters also shared the age gap between them and their partners.

“If it is fated, then it is meant to be... I am 51 while my husband is 36, 15-year gap,” said a commenter named Simahalim.

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