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Focus is the name of the game for three new bars

They are on a mission: to change the way people enjoy their tipples.

Food Picks: VivoCity’s refreshed food area, teppanyaki at Miyoshi by Fat Cow

New food options await at VivoCity's reconfigured food and retail zone at Level 1 of the mall. 

Cold noodles two ways: Hot weather recipes to perk up the appetite

Whip up an appetising Vietnamese-style noodle salad or chilled somen.


A mid-class sporty motorcycle that just wants to go

The TVS Apache RR310 has a 312cc engine, a top speed of 171kmh and great fuel economy.

Car review: BMW 330i Touring delivers practicality with panache

The 2-litre turbo compact wagon charms with a mix of undemanding drivability, surprising spaciousness and a premium feel.